Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Perfect Message

     My daughter, Kinley, has always had this gift of being able to find the card with the perfect message, whether it be for a birthday, holiday, Father's Day, or Mother's day. But today, she totally outdid herself with this card to her Mother. It's as if a team of very smart people had studied my wife Barbara for a number of years, then put their heads together and wrote this description of  Barbara. I, myself, have been studying her closely for forty seven years, and I know all these statements to be true, though I could never have put them all down together as well as this stranger, who wrote this card, did. Kinley herself has been studying Barbara closely a lot of years, also, so I know she realized immediately what a jewel she had found.

Just by watching you,
I learned.....

That beauty and modesty
 can absolutely go together.

That manners matter.

That kindness does, too.

That carrying yourself well
takes practice, but it's worth it.

That a warm smile
can work magic.

That the smartest person
in the room
is the one who can talk
to anyone and everyone.

That there's a quiet confidence
a woman can have
in who she is and all she does -
and you do it better than anyone.

Happy Mother's Day
to the greatest lady I know.


I have not totally abandoned my blog, in spite of the fact that it appears so. I struggled for months to get my next book started while also writing my blog. Alas, it didn't work. I appear to be a creature with a one track mind. Once the words DID begin to come to me that I had been searching for these many long months, I found I must stick to my book project, and nothing else, until I complete it. FOREVER CRY is a historical fiction, inspired by my paternal grandmother, who was born in 1859, just before the Civil War started. The majority of it will center upon the Reconstruction Period. I hope you like it. Then, I will get back to my blog stories. I'm about 80% finished. Thank you for your time, and your attention. Pat